UniquEco Design Mini Workshops

These can be on an individual basis & up to a group of 4 (larger groups can be negotiated)

What to expect

The mini workshops will last approximately 2 hours at £30 per person per workshop. You will be welcomed into our home where we have revamped our workshop (old living room) and entrance porch into a mini display area to showcase a sample of our work & other local artisans.  Tea, Coffee, Juice & biscuits will be provided.

Becky will provide a demonstration of how to ‘Paint’ with different coloured Angelina fibres (90% recycled from industrial waste including plastic bottles) & a diverse colour range of Merino wool tops.  You will also be shown how you can incorporate other materials in the creation of your picture, & fuse your creation safely with an iron. Becky will be on hand throughout the workshop to guide & advise you, where wanted, whilst you’re creating.

Once your design has been created, Becky will show you how to cut your design so that it can be attached to your picture mount(s) or precisely cut to go into our pre-cut & cleaned wishstick glass.

You will be able to sign your own creation (on the mounts) and create a label for the back of your picture(s) which we will get printed and included on the rear card before your picture is encased in glass.

We will have it ready for collection the following day where you picture(s) will have been taped, soldered & cleaned. If you are booking a mini workshop whilst on holiday we advise you to arrange the workshop at least 2 days before you leave so we can ensure your work of art is ready for collection before you leave.

You are welcome to visit and view the range of different size pictures and themes we create before your workshop. However as long as you do not plan creating people, animals or buildings within your scene, (its much harder with these materials & I’m not experienced in forming the fibres into animals etc), you can create any scene you want.

If you don’t have time to visit beforehand, have a think about the scene you might want to create and the colours you want to include.

Scenes could be any of the following: Moorland, Winter Moorland, Moorland Tree, Northern Lights, Riverbank & Meadow, Hazy summer, Seascapes, Stormy Seas, Estuary, Waterfall to name but a few. It could be a favourite place, view from your home or you may wish to re-create a favourite picture or photo.

What can you do within a £30 workshop (sizes are approximate)

  • Two “mini”s ( mount, 4”x4” aperture)

  • One wide wishstick 12"x4" without mount

  • One mount 12"x6" with 10”x4” aperture

  • One mount 12"x10" with 8”x6” aperture

  • One mount 12"x12" with 8”x8” aperture


The last two are standard mount sizes so you could choose to take away

unglazed and use your own frame, or be encased in glass & soldered by Ivor.

For an extra £15  you can create a 3 scene set as shown to the right.

This set comprises of a double wishstick with a single wishstick on each side.

Suitable for styles such as 'Moorland', 'Winter Moorland', 'Northern Lights' and

'Riverbank & Meadow'

Covid 19

Persons attending workshops will be required to wear face coverings, be it their

own face masks or we can lend you a face shield.

A completely separate set of angelina fibres & wools (shown below) is kept for

users at workshops.  Workshops are planned to be a minimum of 3 days apart,

and attendees are to be from the same family bubble

I lookook forward to meeting you. People who have done our workshops have found them fun as well as a relaxing process to be engaged in.

Comments made by a recent attendees at a Workshop on Facebook.

"Recently I decided to try something new and very exciting! I attended a workshop with Becky Davies of UniquEco Designs. Becky ‘paints’ with Angelina Fibres, diversely coloured merino wool tops and other textiles which are then fused to create iridescent scenes. And goodness they’re sparkling! Ivor Davies then uses his skill in stained glass work to encase the artwork.

So this is my attempt, under the kind and watchful eye of my very patient teacher Becky to create a ‘Sparkling Sunrise’ - I loved working with the shining fibres, all recycled and eco friendly, and was actually thrilled with the result which I was asked to autograph as you can see! The finished article was framed and delivered the very next day by Ivor."

"Thank you both for a wonderful experience yesterday.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and so pleased with my attempt !

I think anybody coming to your workshop would go away with the same feeling of achievement and enjoyment that I did."

“This workshop was a delightful experience. Becky gave a detailed demonstration at the start and was on hand throughout the session to offer suggestions, guidance and helpful tips.  A truly unique and uplifting experience.”

“I highly recommend Becky’s workshop demonstrating ‘painting’ with Angelina fibres. Following Becky’s clear and well-structured presentation we were keen to get started. Working with the Angelina fibres is exciting, by mixing your own colours together from the large selection of colours available, then adding Merino wool and other materials to add different effects. Becky was on hand to provide advice when required and provided encouragement throughout in a relaxed and fun environment. 

Thanks for a fabulous workshop – the evening past so quickly and I came away feeling very excited by my artwork and inspired to be more creative.  An excellent and thoroughly enjoyable workshop.”

I attended a workshop with Becky and had such a fantastic time,  The whole experience was both relaxing and great fun.  I had gone with no real expectations of what to make.  There were so many possibilities on display to provide inspiration. Once I got going with my tree scene I totally got into the whole process and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Becky & Ivor really make you welcome and the whole day a real treat.

Recent guests  at our holiday cottage attached to our home / studio ( 1 3/4 Denwick View) Sharon & Vicky attended a bespoke craft workshop. Think you will agree they're works of art are stunning. Sharon took inspiration from one of Artist Jenny Allan's original pieces 'The Moonlit Sea' and Vicky's is called 'My Relaxation Holiday'. They were fantastic & fun 'students' & should be very proud of their creations

One guest was extremely productive at an extended workshop producing 3 masterpieces below and comments:

"I had a wonderful time with Becky & Ivor at UniquEco designs. It was a brilliant & different experience of painting with fibres"

Two recent guests from our holiday cottage attended a workshop and one commented

"I thoroughly recommend doing a workshop with Becky, an excellent tutor. After Ivor's intervention to mount your efforts, you'll be a proud owner of a masterpiece. You won't find friendlier hosts and the location is easy to reach. Better still stay in their holiday cottage (which is next door) and have a relaxing stay in a lovely part of the country."

Other images created at recent workshops

UniquEco Designs                        Becky Davies                Tel:   07880868377                    Email:   beckydavies1@sky.com

                                                   Ivor Davies                    Tel:   07765577128                    Email:   ivordavies1@sky.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/UniquEcoDesigns

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