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Glass Design

 - by Ivor Davies

In 1999, Ivor started creating stained glass mirrors, tea light holders and did occasional commissions, but this activity ceased in 2004 due to work and home commitments. 


He retired in late 2013 and has since re-started his work with glass creating the old favourites such as tea light holders and mirrors. In the run up to Christmas he returned to creating angels. He also added new flower designs for example roses, daffodils and tulips, and after a trip to Holland at Easter 2014, tulips, roses and butterflies began being mounted on stems to brighten plant pots or garden plots etc.  


He continues to evolve his work and considers commissions a challenge. One recent commission Ivor has taken on can be seen at either side of this page. A client approached him asking him to design a new window for a front door of a property they have been renovating close to the scottish border. They asked Ivor to incorporate the scottish Thistle alongside the english Rose.

Lock Down Animals

During the Covid-19 lockdown Ivor took this opportunity to try doing fun animals that he ordinarily would not have had time to create

My take on a Bedlington Terrier

bedlington terrier.jpg
white sheep.jpg
black sheep.jpg

Black & White Sheep

A perfect gift for all sheep lovers out there and those who love to knit

dragonfly on stake.jpg

Funky Rabbit

Also do in the more traditional colours as well such as white & black

percy pig.jpg


Made with various coloured glass bodies, with 'white whispy on clear' stained glass wings.

Made with either a hook so you can hang on a wall or wondow or can be attached to a metal plant stake to go in planters inside or out

grey rabbit.jpg

Who can resist a

Percy Pig

Spiders Web & Bats

Far too good to only be seen for a few days at Halloween. We especially love the spiders web effect and both are going to be displayed all year

Spiders webs are approx. 20 x 18cm

Bats shown have black stained glass bodies with black wings, grey wings of 'whispy white on clear glass wings

spiders web.jpg
4 bats.jpg
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