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Becky has used her skills to create lamps that are equally stunning lit and unlit.

These are created by Becky hot fixing Angelina Fibres, Merino wool tops of diverse colours which is moulded to fit the glass lamp base.


You can commission Becky to create any scene for the lamp

The lamps are all new, either square or round, made of glass and are and come fitted with a low energy bulb

Price:- £45 for square lamp,   £48 for round lamp


Three Scene Sets

Becky has expanded on the idea of the wishstick to create 3 scene set as shown to the right.

This set comprises of a double wishstick (12"by 4") with a single wishstick (12" by 2") on each side.

Suitable for styles such as 'Moorland', 'Winter Moorland', 'Northern Lights' and

'Riverbank & Meadow' to name but a few.

Becky is happy to be commissioned to crate a bespoke '3 scene' set

Price:- £48

triple moorland tree.jpg

Helping North Northumberland Hospice

In a four week period this summer Becky & Ivor created a new design - 'Rainbow Angels'.

These were created specifically as an joint initiative with North Northumberland Hospice in recognition of the superb service they provide.

These angels were sold at a price of £15 each, in a black presentation box with clear acetate lid and a £5 donation was made for each angel to the Hospice.

A total of £1,034 was raised in a 4 week period.

Becky & Ivor have decided to repeat this offer for the month on October 2020, again offering 'Rainbow Angels' but also creating 2 Christmas coloured angels (red & gold). 


Again £5 from the sale of each angel going to North Northumberland Hospice.  Each angel has a label confirming the donation to the Hospice

Please help us to support the Hospice at a time when their major fundraining events have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Orders can be placed from now until the end of October 2020 by calling Becky on 07880868377.  Free local delivery, collection from our Open Studio or posting from £3.50

rainbow angel.jpg
christmas angel r.jpg
christmas angel g.jpg

Spiders Web & Bats

Far too good to only be seen for a few days at Halloween. We especially love these and both are going to be displayed all year

Spiders webs are approx. 20 x 18cm,

Price:- £20

Bats shown have black stained glass bodies with black wings, grey wings of 'whispy white on clear glass wings

Bats are approx. 16cm x 6cm

Price:- £12

Happy Halloween

spiders web.jpg
4 bats.jpg


These have been for a bit of fun.  Whenever you see a saying in a gift shop, how often do you like the sentiment, but hate the way it has been portrayed.  Or how often have you seen a saying but cannot buy it as it wasnt in a shop or the shop was closed. 


I have found the answer, I type these sayings on a 6" square piece of card and then using stained glass skills, encase it in glass.


Below are a few exmaples of the ones I like which you can buy from me for £5 (£2.50 P&P).


Got a saying you like. I'll type & encase in glass for £1 extra,

For further information ring Ivor on 07765577128

life is better.jpg
i craft.jpg
do not disturb.jpg

Rock Pools



For further information ring Becky on 07880868377


Part Needle Felted Scenes



For further information ring Beckyon 07880868377

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