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We’d like to share these beautiful hand felted soaps made by our daughter Beth (Age 15). 


Beth has invested her own money raised by ‘pot washing’ last summer into ‘melt & pour’ soap ingredients; countless essential oils and a selection of moulds.


Beth blends the soap with carefully chosen essential oils and the soaps are hand felted after creating stunning designs using merino wool tops of diverse colours. 

To Use: Wet the felted soap & gently rub to release the lather & invigorating smell of essential oils. Pat dry after use.

Felted soap is simply a bar of soap wrapped in wool. This thin wool coat helps the bar last longer & is easier to handle (no flying soap bars!).


The Merino wool is gently exfoliating & replaces the wash cloth.  Wool is naturally anti-microbial so there is no problem keeping the bar in a wet shower environment.


The felted wool will gradually shrink as the soap is used up, so all you’re left with is a small ball of wool. Which multiple can be made into a colourful string necklace or even just drop to the floor for a cat toy.

Beth selects the essential oils to produce a unique, fresh blend to add to her soap.  Recent blends have included:

'Citrus & Shea Butter' Hand Felted Soaps

This soap has been hand made by blending the following essential oils:

Sweet Orange- Uplifting & relaxing, helps to reduce pulse rate & balance body & mind.

Grapefruit- Often used to reduce stress, stimulate circulation & increase energy. Also beneficial for oily skin & hair.

Lemon- Detoxifying &its anti-septic properties help clear the skin of excess oil & dead skin.

Beregamot- Aids in lifting mood & has been use for 100’s of years for its medicinal benefits.


'Sea Fresh' Hand Felted Soaps

This soap has been hand made by blending the following essential oils:

Eucalyptus- Helps relieve pain .and stress and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Peppermint- Used to soothe and cool while also stimulating. Also used to help oil control and prevent acne.

Lemongrass- Rich in antioxidants and vitamins and helps to prevent skin aging, wrinkles and skin pigmentation.


'Floral Hand' Felted Soaps

This soap has been hand made by blending the following essential oils:

Lavender- Calming and relaxing scent which may help to balance both physical and mental states.

Geranium- Used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it also helps to eliminate dead skin cells, promote the regeneration of new skin.

Ylang Ylang- Aids to balance and regulating oil production, lower blood pressure and promote relaxation.


Available from our open studio, Jenny Allan’s shepherd hut in Boulmer, NE66 3BP, Alnwick Arts & Crafts shop, Bondgate Within, Alnwick, NE66 1TD & ‘All sewn up’, Bow Street, Alnwick, NE66 1JA

Fantastic Value at£6.50 each

Each of Beths felted soaps comes with a leaflet explaining the therapeutic benefit of each essential oil in the soap, soap ingredients and a silver organza bag

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